How To Control The Quality Of Our Company

There are more and more artificial plant manufacturers in the market.Therefore, strict quality requirements are required to stand out from many manufacturers. Now let’s introduce about the quality control of our company:

First: Selected raw materials: plastic particles

(1) All imported PE new materials 80% + first-grade reclaimed materials 10% + explosion-proof materials 10% are used for granulation modification to increase color fastness, toughness and prevent cracking.

(2) The raw materials of PEVA products ensure EVA50% and PE50%, to ensure the softness and simulation of the leaves, and the thickness exceeds 10% of the general products in the market to ensure the feel.

(3) The water-based environmentally friendly paste is used for the leaf printing process, and the imported color is used for the color to ensure a high degree of color simulation and no color change.

(4) A + C strengthen standard special foreign trade box is used for carton packaging.

(5) Real wood raw materials such as wood poles and bamboo poles are all made of hardwood and thick meat materials, purchased and placed in advance, naturally dried for 3-6 months and then dried at medium temperature for 7-10 days. After the pot is finished, dry it for 5-7 days to ensure that it does not crack, worms, mildew or moisture.

Second: New equipment:Up to now, 70% of the equipment has been upgraded.

(6) Two sets of automatically print foliar equipment to effectively solve the problems of productivity and color difference.

(7) A large amount of screw injection  is used for the bone position of the stems and leaves to ensure that the stems and leaves are not deboned and broken.

(8) The company invested nearly 500,000 to establish an exhaust gas treatment device to ensure that the entire production process complies with national environmental protection requirements.

Third. Production process:

(9) 80% of the front-line workers are more than three years old employees. The proficiency and professionalism of the old employees ensure that products are guaranteed from the beginning of production.

(10) The problem of plant shape, many customers think that the goods are not right, because the tree is not artificially shaped after the completion of the process.  The real pole bamboo pole and real wood pole series products,we insert leaves in the tree after planting pots that  we keep the products full and beautiful. There is no need for customers to re-open the leaf shape, to avoid customer complaints that are not good-looking during the sales process.

Post time: May-29-2020