The Maintenance Method

We all know that real plants need maintenance, and artificial tree artificial flowers also need maintenance.Specific how to maintain. Let ’s briefly introduce the maintenance knowledge of artificial plants.

The artificial plants are made of the chemical products after the fused,have some similar character with the plastic products,the first thing to avoid the high temperature ,avoid to put nearby the high temperature equipment and instruments,in case of the artificial plants deformation and discoloration with the high temperature.The artificial flower after put for a while ,we can washing by the water then natural drying avoid put under the sun after washing,so can avoid the artificial flower discoloration.If the plants are covered with a layer of dust during the normal placement process, we only need to wipe the dusty leaves with a wet towel. If the leaves can be removed, we can also take the leaves down and rinse them with water Wait for it to dry naturally and plug it back in.If the trunk is dusty, just wipe it with a wet towel.If the leaves fall, we can use hot-melt adhesive to point to the insertion position and then insert the leaves back into place. After the hot-melt adhesive cools, the leaves will be fixed.If some parts of the branch swing up and down or left and right, we first find the active node, and then use iron nails to fix this active point, so that the branch will not be shaken and it is more secure. If a small branch on the trunk falls, we can use an air nail gun to fix the small branch and fix it with a larger nail .In the maintenance of branches, it is recommended not to let people pull the branches and leaves, avoid to be tear off. Popular on the market there many artificial plants perfume,,we can choose one we liked ,specific usage,the perfume is sprayed on the cotton ball with earth color paper packing then placed in the root of the artificial plants,put some dry leaves on the top of the cotton ball,so it can cover the cotton ball and can make the fragrance continues to volatilize .of course,the effect should according to the quality of the perfume you buy and effective time to be decided.

Post time: May-29-2020