Larson Packaging Company of Milpitas, California is now ISO9001: 2015 certified


Milpitas, California, June 1, 2020, PR Newswire/certification services, and ANAB accredited certification bodies.
“Sales, designs, prototypes, manufactures and provides customized industrial packaging solutions, including but not limited to wooden crates, ATA and molded crates, artificial foam, corrugated boxes, wooden pallets, and equipment packaging services to enable customers to safely transport Its products reach the point of use to optimize total cost and appearance.”
“We have always been known for providing quality packaging products and services. Our ISO9000 certification proves the consistency and reliability of our QMS and business management system, and we can provide excellent products and services. Our customers include medical equipment, semiconductors and High-tech is increasingly looking for suppliers with strong quality management systems. ISO’s focus has even begun to shine on packaging companies,” said CEO Mark Hoffman.
Chief Operating Officer Ray Horner agreed: “I have worked for many well-known packaging and crate companies, and the way we do things at Larson is truly unique in our industry. Far ahead.”
Long-term client Praveen Gupta is Stephen Gould’s quality supervisor. He has served as a consultant and provided quality consulting services to the Larson team: “Mark understands that quality must have business meaning. They have done a great job integrating quality in their business processes. To manage and tailor them to their business. I’m happy with Larson Packaging, one of our best suppliers.”
About Larson Packaging Company Larson Packaging Company (LPC) is a leading packaging manufacturer and service provider in the Bay Area, focusing on custom industrial packaging for mission-critical, high-value and sensitive equipment. LPC works with customers as partners and expands its team to ensure that its packaging is reliable, cost-effective and reflects its brand quality. We call it: smart. Bale. fast.

Post time: Oct-22-2020